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Elemental H2O Titanium Heater w/ Digital Thermostat, 300W

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Water is always the right temperature for plants and/or fish when you use an Elemental H2O Titanium Heater with Digital Thermostat! This heater uses a remote sensor probe to keep constant tabs on water temperature, while the titanium heating element maintains temperatures at a user-defined set-point between 68° and 92°F. It shuts off automatically and sounds an alarm if it's removed from water or gets hotter than 95°F, and the alarm also goes off if the temperature falls under 65°F. This 300W unit is rated 2.7A at 115V, and is recommended for use in reservoirs that hold 80-120 gallons. The metal housing also provides extra security against breakage or shattering. Protected by a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.