Sonic HiBlow P-125 High Capacity Air Pump

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The heavy duty Sonic HiBlow P-125 Air Pump is an energy-efficient high volume air pump that is ideal for large/deep ponds, large fish rooms, recirculating aquaculture systems, aquaponics systems, large scale hydroponics systems and other demanding applications. One of the most efficient air pumps available, it delivers 125 LPM (1,981 GPH) of air on just 100 Watts. The pump features a high quality metal housing, making it extremely durable, highly weather resistant and exceptionally quiet.


  • Free 14-port barbed air divider included
  • Free Hose and clamps for connecting to air divider included
  • 5.5 ft power cord
  • High quality rubber feet for stabilizing unit and minimizing vibration
  • Water and weather resistant metal housing (we still suggest sheltering this high quality pump from the elements)
  • Dimensions: 12 " x 9 " x 9.5" (without air divider attached)
  • 120V 60Hz 80 Watts
  • Max Volume: 125 liter /minute (7628 cubic inch per minute, 1,981 gallons per hour)
  • 0.04Mpa (5.8 PSI)

Note: In winter, damp air can condense onto the inside wall and freeze the hoses of all air pumps. This can eventually block the hose completely, so it is important to check this from time to time during periods of freezing temperatures to ensure proper operation.