Moving Bed Bio Media

Allied Aqua Moving Bed Bio Media is a "wheel" shaped polyethylene media with small exterior fins and 6 interior structural supports. It is slightly positively buoyant, and becomes neutrally buoyant once bacteria colonize on its surface area. It requires very little water movement or air diffuser output to keep it churned in a fludized bed, moving bed or mbbr system, and can also be used in static media designs as well. Allied Aqua moving bed bio media features superior crush resistance along with improved durability and increased overall surface area. Many bio media designs, like Kaldness K1 and others, use as few as 3 or 4 interior supports, which often makes them prone to crushing, and ultimately, can substantially decrease their overall service life. When you use Allied Aqua moving bed bio media, you get more surface area for your dollar, and a product that will last for decades. Allied Aqua moving bed bio media also costs 30-70% less than other moving bed bio reactor (mbbr) media on the market, such as Kaldnes K1, K2, MB3 and others.

Dimensions: 1/2 inch diameter x 3/8 inch width (12.7 mm x 9.525 mm)

Material: Virgin Polyethylene

Total Surface Area: 850m2/m3

Protected Surface Area: 550m2/m3

Recommended Fill: 50-75% of total vessel/reactor volume

Expected Service Life: 30 years

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